Submit and prepare for Med-e-Tel 2015

The 2015 Med-e-Tel, the International eHealth, Telemedicine and Health ICT Forum for Education, Networking and Business is taking place this year from April 22 to April 24.
Med-e-Tel encourages healthcare providers, medical practitioners, nursing professionals, patient/user representatives, policy makers, researchers, educators, and industry representatives to submit presentation proposals for the Med-e-Tel 2015 conference program.
For a list of topics, see the Med-e-Tel 2015 call for abstracts. Submissions on additional topics, relevant to the fields of telemedicine and eHealth will be considered too.
Especially practical experiences, evidence of telemedicine and telehealth outcomes, business cases, as well as position papers, ongoing research, national/international policy guidelines and project results will be of interest to the Med-e-Tel audience.
The deadline for abstract submission is next Monday, 22 December 2014.

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