Review of the GCRI mHealth event: Healthcare Delivery to Developing Countries Using Mobile Technology

Experts from the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, Physicians Interactive, and the German Institute for Telemedicine and Health Promotion convened to discuss the role of mobile health technology in solving the global healthcare crisis. In particular, the evening focused on how society can best deploy mobile and eHealth technologies to empower communities and to help save lives.
…one billion people die prematurely every year because they do not have access to a healthcare worker. Health eVillages strives to change this stark reality by bringing medical care to communities lacking a proper healthcare infrastructure. A key component of the project is the use of mobile devices with interactive medical content. In this sense, Health eVillages functions as an information, education, and communication platform. It connects healthcare workers to an extensive network of experts and enables even those with limited medical training to bring care to people in remote parts of the world, often providing these individuals access to healthcare for the first time.

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