A Snapshot of the Digital Health Landscape

This categorizing could save you a lot of time when looking for specific information on Digital and Health. Now we know who the experts are.

Venture Scanner Insights

I currently am tracking 509 Digital Health companies across 21 categories, with combined funding of $7.05B. Digital Health is an extensive and evolving term, but simply stated, it is the application of digital technologies to enhance both personal health and the delivery of healthcare. These companies all focus on using emerging technologies to deploy solutions across the entire health ecosystem – from individual consumer to healthcare provider to employer to large hospital system, from biometric sensors to genomics to mobile connectivity to cloud computing.

See the breakdown in sector funding and the most updated market information at: venturescanner.com/scans/digital-health



  • Clinical Administration and Backend
  • Digital Medical Devices and Diagnostics
  • Population Health Management
  • Electronic Health / Medical Records
  • IOT Health Care
  • Medical Big Data
  • Genomics
  • Doctor and Healthcare Service Search
  • TeleHealth
  • Patient Engagement and Education
  • Remote Monitoring and Family Care Management
  • Doctor Network and Resources
  • Online Health Destination Sites
  • Healthcare Marketing and…

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