Telehealth Research expanding in Philippines

One of the first projects to enter the WeObservatory was Research-based Community Telehealth Centers for Sustainable Elderly Empowerment by nurse Michael Joseph Dino . His activities have since taken a much larger scale and we are happy to announce that the Telehealth Research Program is expending to new regions in Philippines, starting with Visayas Region. More details on the university website.

For further reading, here’s an abstract from Michael Dino’s Article Using Partial Least Squares (PLS) in Predicting Behavioral Intention for Telehealth Use among Filipino Elderly :

Despite the potential benefits of Telehealth (healthcare delivery at a distance), a digital divide among seniors remains prevalent with lesser attention on their acceptance as end-users of technology. Anchored on a theory of technology adoption, Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT), behavioral intention for Telehealth use among Filipino elderly was determined. The responses of technology-trained older adults (n = 82) were collected using a 12-item questionnaire adapted from Venkatesh, Morris, Davis, Gordon, and Davis (2003) on UTAUT. A Structural Equation Modeling was performed using Partial Least Squares regression for data exploration and model estimation. The study revealed that the UTAUT constructs, particularly effort expectancy (ß = 0.319; p = .000), have yielded a significant influence on the behavioral intention of elderly to participate in Telehealth. Further, gender showed no moderating effect on these variables. Results of the study supported the espousal of UTAUT Model as an indispensable framework in empowering older adults using Telehealth.

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