Meeting Marisela Cigliuti of Telenurse

Following the selection of TeleNurse (see previous post) as one of WeObservatory’s projects, we had the chance to personally meet up with it’s founder Marisela S. Cigliuti, BSN, RN  in NY this past week and find out more about the TeleNurse network. It can be basically called a “virtual clinic” that gives the patient access to nursing care – general and/or specialized – saving them a lot of time and energy. IMG_9152

The TeleNurse platform is also designed to support nurses in their professional growth: Marisela Cigliuti (she is a nurse with Health Care Management studies after all ! ) herself conducting webinars in order to stimulate nurses to take up more initiatives and carry out their own projects, especially when technology makes it much more easier to do so. If you are interested in these webinars, visit the TeleNurse website . We will also be posting alerts for those on our blog.

Last but not least, we have also addressed the “Nursing and Social media” topic, since our colleague and social media guru Dr. Kristie Holmes (USC, Senior Advisor Development & Research for Zero Mothers Die and much more) was present. We have all agreed that social media is underestimated by all healthcare professionals when it comes to long-term patient education and professional empowerment. It usually takes major media incidents for nurses to speak up. Of course, we are now thinking mostly of “The View” incident … Reminder: it was the second runner-up in the Miss America pageant Kelley Johnson who spoke about nursing, her profession, in the talent portion of the contest and was made fun of by “The View”.

I’m a life-saver, I’m never going to be just a nurse,

said Kelley and we all fully support her.

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