Nurse leadership and innovation is the future. I blend on-the-ground clinical nursing with policy and entrepreneurship work – and I’m passionate about empowering the next generation of nurse leaders.

Lisa Darsch has always been drawn to finding innovative solutions to global healthcare challenges. She combines hands-on clinical nursing practice with expertise in international policy, strategy, and healthcare finance.

Lisa is passionate about nurse leadership. Operating at the intersection of education, health and entrepreneurship, she guides global health organizations on strategy, policy, and data-driven quality initiatives. She aims to improve patient outcomes, workforce development and universal healthcare access, working with international health ministries, governments and companies across continents. As an expert in U.S. and international healthcare finance, Lisa also boosts health systems’ effectiveness by innovating and improving financial strategy. Lisa is also eager to empower the next generation of nurses with tech innovation and other education methods.

Some of her current projects include: NED advisor at the International Nurses’ Society on Addiction; Founder at the Global Nurse Consultant’s Alliance; Senior Clinical Advisor at Effy Healthcare Director of Employee Wellness, Healthcare Navigation & Global Experiential Learning Educator at Shenandoah University; and Campaign Advisor to Pam Cipriano, candidate for the International Council of Nurses presidency.  

Find out more about Lisa here.

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