The art of caring

Rafaele Cristine Barcelos dos Santos Luz Ribeiro
Enfermeira Especialista em Bancos de Leite Humano e Aleitamento Materno IFF/ Fiocruz

My name is Rafaele, I am a specialist nurse in Human Milk Banks at Instituto Fernandes Figueira / Fiocruz for 2 years.

Nursing is the art of caring for people we don’t know. Always an affinity for this art, and I found in it the opportunity to do good.

During college I was a mother twice, and I went through the suffering of the beginning of the puerperium, especially breastfeeding. I suffered alone because I believed that the pain at that time was normal. However, at the end of college, I visited a milk bank, and I know the magnificent work carried out at the institution, promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding. And I discovered that this suffering can be avoided with the support of specialized professionals. I decided then that it was the job I wanted in my life, to support women, thus contributing to the increase in breastfeeding rates.

Brazil has the largest and most complex network of Human Milk Banks, and we currently have the Global Network of Milk Banks. Being part of this team of professionals so engaged in the cause makes me hope that the rates expected by the WHO (World Health Organization) will be reached soon, thus contributing to the reduction of child morbidity and mortality and a healthier puerperium more for women in the world do it.

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