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New Mobile Application for vaccination in Australia is published! Vaccination Consent Form App

The aim of this application is to address an ongoing issue in the practical and valid consent aspect of vaccine-appimmunisation and to provide an easily accessible and practical solution for both the patient and the provider of the vaccination. Currently there is a myriad of influenza and other consent forms available for use in influenza, childhood and school based vaccination programs. This application provides access to the correct and up to date consent forms for each Australian state in order to simplify the valid consent process for immunisation providers and the general public. All consent forms can be opened, downloaded and shared as PDFs.


In addition further information such as immunisation schedules, pre-vaccination checklists and post vaccination advice are made available. All documents are available in English for downloading and once opened will appear under the Saved Forms tab for easy access.

To download the app:

Apple phones

Android Phones 

More information here :

This application was made possible with the technical and financial support from:

– The Women Observatory for eHealth (WeObservatory) of the Foundation Millennia2025 “Women and Innovation”

– Connecting Nurses

– UniversalDoctor Project