Université eSanté, Castres, 5-7 July 2017

For the first time, the WeObservatory and Zero Mothers Die are presented the eHealth Summer University, with a Key Note and a panel of experts on 5 July focusing on eHealth and Initiatives and a second presentation on Space data at the service of healthcare and well-being: an unimagined potential!

The day before, our partner Hilmi Quraishi, founder of ZMQ, and the project Mira Channel, was awarded at the Fondation Pierre Fabre. More details here.

With Mira Channel, women in India, Uganda and Afghanistan receive health information on their pregnancies (http://www.mirachannel.org/).

The whole event with more than 900 participants coming from Africa, Asia and Europe, offered a great potential of meeting with students, project founders and leaders of the industry.

Soon you can access all the presentations here :

la Web TV de la e-santé


International Council of Midwives Congress

More than 4.000 midwives coming from the world are in Toronto at the ICM congress. Our four Mobile Applications dedicated to Women’s health and maternity are showcased at the stand

And get tremendous attraction : more apps here. Also as well the series of Portraits of Midwives in Bangladesh by Miriam Ackroyd, and in Moldova by Doina Schimpf.
And more exciting is the election as new ICM President of Franka Cadée (on the picture above ) , as we work with her project Twintotwin !
It is the time for our selected projects to meet, interact and plan new projects for the future!

back from HealthIo

Innovative mobile applications of the WeObservatory, ZMD App, Happy Mom Happy Baby for Mongolia, Vaccination Consent Form App for Australia and Universal Women were presented at HealthIo in Barcelona on 4 May 2017.

The event received more than 1.000 participants per day during 3 days, to share eHealth innovation of start ups, hospitals, industry and health professionals. Dynamism, professionalism and creativity are the most proeminent characteristics of this exciting first edition! We wish to be there next year again!


at Medetel 2017

For one more time since its launch in April 2013, the WeObservatory is attending Medetel in Luxembourg for a presentation of the Mobile Apps for maternal health recently published. It is the opportunity to pursue the the dialogue with nurses, medical doctors, students and industry on eHealth, mHealth and Telemedicine progresses in the world. More Interviews with women influencers in eHealth will soon be published on the Blog. The second special issue on Women in eHealth of the JISfTeH is available and WeObservatory, with the editorial of Dr Regina Ungerer, and three articles from innovative programs in Canada, Spain and Egypt. The next issue is planned in 2019. A call for submission arrives soon, keep posted!
Medetel is also the time for seeing great eHealth colleagues and friends, thanks to Dr Misha Kay, Dr Regina Ungerer, Dr Yunkap Kwankap, Fatima Sanz de Leon!

Students in midwifery at CASA, Mexico, are going digital!

Following the activities initiated in 2014- 2015, the eBook on “Aplicaciones Digitales para la Salud Materna e Infantil” (195 pages) was published in January 2016 and made available to students and teachers at CASA through the website portals http://www.m2025-weobservatory.org/ and http://www.m2025-weobservatory.org/uploads/3/9/5/1/39512321/aplicationes_digitales.pdf.

This eBook contains 8 modules with auto-evaluation exercises, based on the suggestions the students provided in January 2015 during the field trip to San Miguel de Allende and Mexico DF of Véronique Thouvenot, Nadine Goodman, Eleonora Muntarola and Lilia Perez-Chavolla. In addition, 100 USB Keys in a nice square model showcasing the logos of the 3 organizations are distributed to the students working with limited access to internet. Printed books are now in the library of the school. The modules are displayed in CASA’s online platform for the students.


Our yearly MOOCs selection


For one more year, the WeObservatory has conducted a selection of MOOCs on Women’s Health and ICTs in English, French and Spanish. The selection proposes MOOCs that are free of charge, from famous universities and academia in the world. Specific sections are dedicated to nurses, patients, vaccination and mobile health.

34 new courses are available here
Courses by theme are available here:
And more courses coming by end 2017 at Millennia2025 WePROMIS:
Pour la troisième année et grace à l’appui de nos partenaires et experts, le WeObservatory publie la sélection 2017 de MOOCs sur la santé des femmes et les TIC, en anglais, français et espagnol, avec des sections spéciales de cours pour les infirmières, les patients, la vaccinologie et les mobiles: http://www.m2025-weobservatory.org/moocs.html.
La liste des 34 nouveaux cours 2017 dans les trois langues et pour les quatre thèmes est disponible ici
Les cours 2016 qui se poursuivent en 2017 sont disponibles par langue et par thème:
Ces cours sont produits par professeurs et les universités reconnus et sont accessibles gratuitement.

Pour les modules de cours produits et en cours de production par le WeObs et partenaires, nous travaillons sur la mise en place de WePromis avec la Commission Européenne, pour un lancement fin 2017 ( www.millennia2015.org/Millennia2025_Intelligence_Platform).

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