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Women influencers in eHealth

Since 2014, the WeObservatory has had the opportunity to meet with women influencers in eHealth through their professional activities and positions. They share their views and expertise at international conferences and in scientific publications. They contribute to women’s empowerment in eHealth.  The list is updated every year. You are an influencer in eHealth, contact us!

Discover them here :


Happy International Nurses Day!

Happy International Nurses Day! Our Nurses innovate for their patients around the world!

They are inventors, developers, researchers for Telemedicine in USA and Peru, a Virtual Nurse for women living with HIV in Canada, a Mobile Maternal Health in Nigeria, a video for children with diabetis in Spain, an eBook for Diabetis footcare in Kosovo, Telehealth network for Elderly and radio podcasters in the Philippines, and a mobile application for vaccination in Australia.

Visit their projects and others more here: http://www.m2025-weobservatory.org/nurses.html.

And their success stories and awards here: http://www.m2025-weobservatory.org/success-stories.html.


EU guidelines for the deployment of e-Health by nurses

In the context of increased need for IT skills and competences in digital healthcare systems guidelines focusing on eHealth are of vital importance. Recently – December 2015 – new guidelines were presented at the European Innovation Summit. The production of these guidelines was curated by ENS4Care.

The WeObservatory was interested to hear that the gender balance was also addressed by the board members : “EPHA Board member Peggy Maguire representing the European Institute of Women’s Health points out new technology is often not ’gender neutral’: solutions are ill-adapted to the needs of women who occupy multiple roles. e.g. workers, mothers and wives, family managers and carers for the elderly. Given these constraints, Maguire said it was important that eHealth solutions were user-friendly and tailored to women’s specific roles and responsibilities, also in the workplace”.

More details and specific guidelines are available on the ENS4Care website and a short overview here.

the Virtual Nurse initiative

WeObservatory and UniversalDoctor mentioned in an article mHealth Competence Center has published  on the Virtual Nurse pilot initiative taking place Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, a center recognized for its ability to innovate in patients’ care and healthcare management. Some mobile applications are mentioned by the interviewed nurse, including the UniversalNurse Speaker.

“This field is getting used to the change that ICT mean”, says Emma Gómez, Nursing Department director in Sant Joan de Déu Hospital (HSJD). “ITC mean a change of paradigm for nurses. On the one hand, communication with patients and their relatives has changed: online consultations are more convenient for patients and it is a two-way communication. It is a new kind of relationship, no better or worse. However, a physical consultation can not be compared to a virtual one”, explains Gómez. “On the other hand, ITC allow professionals to manage their time more efficiently”.

Emma Gómez, Nursing Department director in Sant Joan de Déu Hospital (HSJD)
Emma Gómez, Nursing Department director in Sant Joan de Déu Hospital (HSJD)

Read further the “Nursing, a profession transformed by technology” article here.

Happy International Nurses Day! infographics for today

The WeObservatory team wishes everyone Happy International Nurses Day ! We are today in Paris celebrating together with Connecting Nurses and participating at the Live Discussion/Forum streaming videos from all over the world. Watch out for  #IND2015 and @conncetingnurse @do_yna on Twitter. And here are some things to read and think about: Second career nurses are solving the nursing crisis. via The Second Career Nurse.

WeObservatory welcomes new projects

We are happy to announce that new projects have been selected by the WeObservatory for a one-year partnership from the Care Challenge platform. These projects benefit of the Millennia2025 Foundation international network to expand their activities.

The 2014-2015 selection includes not only projects conducted by Nurses ( via Connecting Nurses ) but also projects conducted by Midwives (via Connecting Midwives).

The new selected projects are:

Training Midwives on Emergency Obstetrics, Ethiopia

ICTs for Midwives, Mexico

Skype for Veterans, Canada

Sage-femmes et femmes migrantes, Switzerland

Cloud Babies tele-stethoscope, Australia

See the full list of selected projects on the Millennia2025 Foundation’s website.