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the Virtual Nurse initiative

WeObservatory and UniversalDoctor mentioned in an article mHealth Competence Center has published  on the Virtual Nurse pilot initiative taking place Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, a center recognized for its ability to innovate in patients’ care and healthcare management. Some mobile applications are mentioned by the interviewed nurse, including the UniversalNurse Speaker.

“This field is getting used to the change that ICT mean”, says Emma Gómez, Nursing Department director in Sant Joan de Déu Hospital (HSJD). “ITC mean a change of paradigm for nurses. On the one hand, communication with patients and their relatives has changed: online consultations are more convenient for patients and it is a two-way communication. It is a new kind of relationship, no better or worse. However, a physical consultation can not be compared to a virtual one”, explains Gómez. “On the other hand, ITC allow professionals to manage their time more efficiently”.

Emma Gómez, Nursing Department director in Sant Joan de Déu Hospital (HSJD)
Emma Gómez, Nursing Department director in Sant Joan de Déu Hospital (HSJD)

Read further the “Nursing, a profession transformed by technology” article here.

Happy International Nurses Day! infographics for today

The WeObservatory team wishes everyone Happy International Nurses Day ! We are today in Paris celebrating together with Connecting Nurses and participating at the Live Discussion/Forum streaming videos from all over the world. Watch out for  #IND2015 and @conncetingnurse @do_yna on Twitter. And here are some things to read and think about: Second career nurses are solving the nursing crisis. via The Second Career Nurse.

WeObservatory welcomes new projects

We are happy to announce that new projects have been selected by the WeObservatory for a one-year partnership from the Care Challenge platform. These projects benefit of the Millennia2025 Foundation international network to expand their activities.

The 2014-2015 selection includes not only projects conducted by Nurses ( via Connecting Nurses ) but also projects conducted by Midwives (via Connecting Midwives).

The new selected projects are:

Training Midwives on Emergency Obstetrics, Ethiopia

ICTs for Midwives, Mexico

Skype for Veterans, Canada

Sage-femmes et femmes migrantes, Switzerland

Cloud Babies tele-stethoscope, Australia

See the full list of selected projects on the Millennia2025 Foundation’s website.

Diabetes explained to children by TEO the Duckling

It is never easy to speak to children about a disease. Especially when this disease makes them feel very different from all the other children, as is the case with diabetes.

Norma Grau, a nurse from Barcelona, has written a story for diabetic children – Teo the Duckling –  that would help them learn in an easy and educative way that they mustn’t feel different or ashamed  for being diabetic. Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 6.01.02 PM“Children must incorporate the illness into their daily life, but it is not easy at first. Various vital infancy stages have to be taken into account when helping them with the educational therapy. At the age of 4-6 years old they may feel different from their colleagues and friends, especially when doing check-ups as well as giving themselves insulin dose injections. To include the illness into their daily life activities plus avoiding stigmatization have been the key to develop our project”, says Norma Grau.

The nurse also had the story superbly illustrated by her colleague, Cristina Serrat Gómez, making it very appealing to children.

This story was  shared for the first via Care Challenge byScreen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.37.24 AM Norma Grau and was then selected both by Connecting Nurses and the WeObservatory. Here at the WeObservatory we are planning to help the nurse further develop her idea : during 2014/2015 we will contribute to the creation of another story  customized for girls. We also plan to create an animated version of the stories. We will keep you updated on this project through our blog.

The story currently exists in three languages.

Click to access the PDF versions : English, Castellano and Catalán.

Telehealth usability amongst elderly, a WeObservatory selected project

If you are interested in learning about technology acceptance in general, we highly recommend that you take a look at this project.

A key objective of a WeObservatory project “Telehealth and Elderly” by Michael Dino, Assistant Research Director at Our Lady of Fatima University, Valenzuela City, Philippines, is to understand technology-acceptance among the elderly and help them gain independence within the healthcare system.
This project was firstly published online on the Care Challenge platform and gained visibility through the video made by Connected Nurses as means to support the project. Consequently “Telehealth and Elderly” was chosen by the WeObservatory and continues to evolve through this partnership. Not only does Michael Dino get the opportunity to present his project at many international conferences – one of the latest was during the Digital Health Care Week in Singapore in October 2013 – but he is also planning to expand his research to specific populations, starting an “Elderly Women and TeleHealth” research project, in liaison with the WeObservatory’s special focus: improving the use of telemedicine services for women.

For more details, check out the research abstract here.
Take a look at Michael Dino’s initial project as posted on Care Challenge and portraid in the video: