Here’s the interview with midwife, reasearcher and developer Franka Cadée on her project:

“My name is Franka Cadée, I am a Dutch midwife although not practicing any longer. I’m here at the Global Forum today to speak at the Digital Communities session about my twin2twin project. Read more.

On health and insurances tomorrow with Cécile Wendling._mg_1847

We are pleased to share with our readers yet another short but interesting interview conducted at the latest Global Forum with Dr. Cécile Wendling. Read more. 


Dr.Pirkko Kouri, ISFTeH vice-president

Dr. Pirkko Kouri, now vice-president of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH) and an active member of it’s Working Group on Women. More biographical details to be found in the interview itself:

“I represent the Finnish society of Telemedicine and eHealth. My background is from nursing, I have done my PhD related to mother-child healthcare and use of ICTs. I’m working as a principal lecturer at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Finland. We educate nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals as well. I’m mostly doing research and development work connected with the master level education, planning the generic models, etc. This year I was elected vice-president of ISFTeH and i’m very happy to be the first woman to occupy this position. Read more. 

Medetel interviews:Elinaz Mahdavy of Orange Healthcare

Elinaz Mahdavy’s (of Orange Healthcare) interview about  eHealth strategies and our own WeObservatory projects. Read more. 

Interview with nurse Claudia C. Bartz of the ICN Telenursing network.


“I’m Claudia Bartz, I live in Wisconsin, US. My lifetime as a nurse includes a career in the US Army, I retired in 1999 and then I spent about 5 years at the University of Wisconsin at the College of Nursing, teaching a few semesters and I was project director on 4 grants. Then I met the person at the University who was working for the International Council of Nurses and we decided, back in 2005, that I would work with her and since I spent 10 years with ICN. It is a really fantastic opportunity to see the international side of nursing ! Then in 2009 I started managing the new ICN Telenursing network. Read more.

F. Gaudry-Perkins: Mobile and Health, where do we stand ?

“Are we all connected ?” , a presentation made by Florence Gaudry-Prekins will give you a good idea on where  we stand in terms of mobile connectivity IMG_1146in general and its role in advacing healthcare worldwide. A particular focus is made on Diabetes and mHealth as the presentation was made during the 2014 Diabetes Education Study Group Annual Symposium. And an important further reading suggestion is brought up: The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care by Eric TopolRead more here. 


Nursing today: interview with nurse and writer Rob Fraser.

 How is the “digital” impacting the nursing profession?photo What are the values of online initiatives like Connecting Nurses? What does a career in nursing look like today? What is the future of nursing?

We met with Rob Fraser MN RN to ask him these and other questions. Read more.


Visit Rob Fraser’s website and follow him on Twitter !

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