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UN General Assembly and other New York events

This past September was a busy and eventful time for many members of the Millennia2025Foundation and it’s partners. Let’s start with the Highlight of the month : the week in New York.

at the First Ladies Forum on Education
at the First Ladies Forum on Education
Inside the 17 Sustainable Development Goals booth. Doyna Zharavina , Véronique Thouvenot and Kristie Holmes

September is the month when the regular United Nations General Assembly session takes place. This year, at the 70th session, a new Sustainable Development Agenda wes adopted. The actions taken in 2015 are expected to result in 17 new sustainable development goals that build on the  8 Millennium Development Goals . More info directly on the UN website.

Experiencing the Virtual Reality Films

An interactive booth was set up to illustrate the Sustainable Development Agenda. We were especially impressed by the short Virtual Reality films :  “Waves of Grace” about an Ebola survivor in Liberia and “Clouds Over Sidra” that follows a day in the life of a 12-year-old Syrian girl living in a refugee camp in Syria’s neighbor Jordan. Read more about the role of the documentaries here.

The session we attended included Leaving no one with disability behind, Children’s Voices for the #GlobalGoalsFullSizeRender  First Ladies Forum on Education , Mobilizing Generation Zero Hunger, Prioritizing Education and Sustainable Peace and Fashion For Development.
We were also able to hold meetings together with our colleagues from the Zero Mothers Die project

part of the Zero Mothers Die team
part of the Zero Mothers Die team

,Universal Doctor, and our new partner project TeleNurse (see previous post). For more information and links and live comments check out our twitter accounts @DrKristie and  @do_yna.
From this intense week, we come back with new contacts, ideas and connections that include the huge potential of digital and virtual tools for development. This is illustrated in the Digital Communities session at the Global Forum in Oulu, Finland, organized by the WeObservatory on 28 September 2015 (upcoming news).

Give mothers a chance !

“Give mothers a chance !” – says Dr. Véronique Thouvenot while presenting the Zero Mothers Die project during the Fashion 4 Development First Ladies Annual Luncheon in New York, where the picture above was taken. At her side, another co-founder of ZMD, Jordi Serrano Pons.

Dr. Véronique Thouvenot, the director of the WeObservatory and one of the co-founders of Zero Mothers Die, has recently spent an entire week attending numerous events in NY dedicated to global health challenges, mHealth and Women’s health (see previous post).

The highlight of the week was the official launch of  Zero Mothers Die by Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS, at the Women Leaders Forum inside the UN Headquarter during the 69th session of the UN General Assembly on September 22nd. 7605130The Mum’s Phone, a unique $30 mobile phone designed for pregnant women, was launched as a key element of ZMD to highlight the need for technology to empower pregnant women themselves to access information and seek healthcare when needed. For a detailed summary of the event, please visit the ZMD official website.

Accounts of this project were made by the Newsweek and UNAIDS.

Help fund Zero Mothers Die campaign on Indiegogo and help spread the word!

New York calling! This week’s exciting events.

Hi from NY , everyone ! The WeObservatory and the Zero Mothers Die teams are very excited to be in New York this week to attend some very interesting events. To be honest, it has been IMG_1392overwhelming so far. Especially with Zero Mothers Die receiving appreciation and recognition from First Ladies and Cherie Blair in particular. Follow @macyalligood , @DrKristie, @Vthouvenot , @ZeroMothersDie and @do_yna to get the latest updates.

We’ll provide you now with the list of attended events, but we’ll give you a more detailed report in the days to come !

Here they are:

1. Social Good Summit 2014 , the two-day conference examining the impact of technology and new media on social good initiatives around the world. IMG_1403We invite you to visit the official web page to watch videos of the conference. Check twitter for #2030NOW

2. Women Leaders Forum , official side events of the
United Nations General Assembly in New York City, in collaboration with key partners such as UNAIDS, PMNCH, ITU, Global Partnerships Forum & WITNET. IMG_1413Each year, the Women Leaders Forum brings together women leaders,
First Ladies, and leaders from the development, technology, government and private sectors. Check twitter for #WLF2014 ,  #UNGA2014 and #ZeroMothersDie


3. Fashion 4 Development First Ladies Annual Luncheon . F4D is a global awareness platform that goes beyond fashion and seeks to unite diplomacy, media, business and the creative industries to enact sustainable change.

4. GSMA mHealth Conference  “Empowering Health Workers”

5. Transformative Innovation for Health , taking place tonight at Le Parker Meridien at 17h

And more to come !