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Nurse Chinomnso Ibe selected for 2015 Mandela Washington Fellowship

WeObservatory is most  delighted to congratulate nurse Chinomnso Ibe of the “Save our mothers” project from Nigeria on being selected for the 2015 Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. This selection will allow Chinomnso Ibe to engage in a 6 weeks intensive fellowship at Wagner College.

“Save our mothers” is one of the first projects selected by the WeObservatory. Nurse Ibe Chinomso and her Traffina Foundation have since gone a long way from conducting basic educational campaigns to launching now the “Clean Birth Kits” initiative. With the support from the WeObservatory and other partners the  Traffina Foundation is able to provide free delivery kits containing sterile instruments that women require at childbirth.

More about the project on the website.

More about the 2015 Mandela Washington Fellowship selection here.

Tea the Duckling launched during international nurses day

This International Nurses Day the WeObservatory has launched Tea the Duckling, the diabetes educational video for children, their parents and their teachers. The story is identical to the one of Teo the Duckling , but the main character in this video is a girl – Tea. It might not be the case for everyone, but for some little girls it is important to associate themselves with a girl character, therefore we decided it’s important to  create  two versions of the story – Teo and Tea. IMG_6228

The photo on the right: launch of the video made during the International Nurses Day in Paris with the Connecting Nurses team. From left to right: Felicity Kelliher, nurse and educator (@dk_felicity), Nick Hardiker, director of the eHealth program at ICN (@nickhardiker), Tea the Duckling , Sylvie Coumel of Connecting Nurses and Dr. Véronique Thouvenot of the WeObservatory (Millennia2025Foundation; @Vthouvenot).

photo-2Also, the author of the Teo the Duckling story, nurse Norma Grau participated in the round table discussion in Spain as part of the international digital event organized by Connecting Nurses in honor of the International Nurses Day (photo on the right). The video of this discussion is available on youtube.

And , finally, here’s the video of Tea the Duckling,  English and Spanish versions:

Medetel’s second day recap

On April 23d the WeObservatory hosted its own session during the Medetel conference : Empowering Women in eHealth and Telemedicine through Education.

Dr. Véronique Thouvenot started by presenting WeObservatory’s activities and more specifically the work resulting in a list of Online Courses. As well as the initiatives to support health of pregnant women in emerging countries : Zero Mothers Die together with the Clean Birth Kits (of the WeObservatory’s Save our Mothers project).

Amongst other speakers came to present Eleonora Muntañola Thornberg of CASA and Fiona Marlow of CloudBabies, leaders of  two new projets that the WeObservatory selected for a one-year partnership. We also heard from Lenka Lhotska on Mentoring and Adesola Odole on Telehealth in Nigeria.

“Think Globally but act Locally” Adesola Odole from Nigeria talking about Telemedicine

After the session Dr. Thouvenot was interviewed by Mirjam Bauer for the Healthcare IT Mediaportal (video coming soon) on women’s positioning in healthcare and WeObservatory’s activities.

Other sessions and meetings took the rest of our day ! Check twitter for #medetel to see what was going on and take a look at our pictures: